Writing Lyrics

How to write lyrics for a song in 6 easy steps!

When writing song lyrics, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a music lover or not. As long as you have the passion to write a song, you can definitely do it. Sure, it won’t be easy if you’re a beginner or have little instrumental knowledge, but there are so many self-help guides that you can follow – just like this article. With a sea of information at your fingertips, all it really comes down to is commitment. This article will teach you the how-to’s of writing lyrics, not just lyrics but how to write good song lyrics. Jump-start writing the lyrics to your song by following these 8 simple lyric writing tips.



Lyric writing is not as easy as you think!

You may not know anything about lyric writing. But don’t worry because you can learn the basics in just a snap of a finger. If you really want to learn how to write lyrics for a song, you need to study the parts of a song first.

  • The intro is the first part of a song. As the word implies, it is the beginning of a song. The intro is very crucial because it signals whether a song is good or not. However, not many songwriters use an intro for their songs. But this is a must if you’re still a beginner. The intro tells the story of the song, which is why it’s very important.
  • The verse is considered the main part of a song. It has more lines than the chorus, but it is not usually the highlight of a song. It is also considered the prelude to the chorus.
  • The chorus is also known as the hook (because it is the catchiest section of a song). This is the part where both the lyrics and the melody do not change. They are often repetitive and it is the main highlight of a song. The chorus does not need to be long, it only has to contain the most powerful message in a song.
  • The bridge of a song is often placed after the last chorus. It is considered the finale and it is the shortest part of a song. It only contains about 1 or 2 lines.


Consider what you want to write about!

Since you already know the basics, the next step on how to write music lyrics is to think of possible themes/topics. Are you currently happy, heartbroken, excited, or ecstatic? You can base the theme of your song on your current emotions. It can also be about universal concepts such as love, family, friendships, loss, success and a lot more. Without a theme, a song will never be constructed. It is the foundation of the entire process. Your theme will serve as a guide throughout writing of your lyrics.


Use the most basic lyric structure, the AABA!

The AABA structure will definitely teach you well on how to write lyrics for a song. It’s very easy to understand, even a kid can do it! So you start by understanding what the initials mean. First, A represents a verse and B on the other hand means chorus. This structure simply means that you have to write three verses and one chorus. Or, if you still find it difficult you can always omit one verse in the structure, but never the chorus. There are so many lyric structures that you can choose from, however, others are quite complicated and for a newbie, you have to start from the basics – and AABA is basic!



Use simple, meaningful and sensible words and lines.

You’ve probably heard or read about a lot of poetic songs from professional singers, and yes you are allowed to be poetic! However, if you’re still a beginner, it is best to learn how to write lyrics to a song in the simplest way. Afterall, you’re still in the novice stage. A song is not a tell-all, so if you’ve recently broken up with a boyfriend, don’t go writing lines like, “I’m devastated, my boyfriend and I just broke up and I’m so hurt.” It’s perfectly okay to write how you currently feel, but keep it more discreet and a little mysterious. Instead of writing the previous line, you can write something more general about heartbreaks and love that was not meant to be and how much it causes pain and sadness. Of course this sounds pretty cliché, but you get what I mean.


Remember that there are no rules in lyric writing.

Start writing your lyrics and always remember that you can write anything you want and whatever you feel as long as it is within reason and it sticks to your theme. Don’t write something that will go out of the topic. If your theme is about heartbreak, center on the experience or the emotions that you feel. Also, avoid extreme rhyming. It’s good to hear that some words rhyme, however, too much of this will only make your lyrics look like it was made by a first grader. Take into consideration the length of each line. Don’t create too short or too long lines and be careful where you place long syllables.


Read the entire song and improve.

Since you are writing songs in parts (remember the AABA structure), you usually will not be able to see the overall picture of how it will turn out. After writing your lyrics, put the content away for a day or so and then review it with fresh eyes. In this way, you are able to notice the things that are somewhat off and you can improve them. You can omit, add and perhaps restructure certain parts of the lyrics to make it more appropriate and interesting.

Since you are already familiar with the 6 simple steps on how to write lyrics to a song, start writing this instant! Never write if you’re not inspired, always draw some inspiration so that your lyrics is bright and full of life!