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Congratulations on choosing Singorama – The Complete Guide To Singing Like A Professional! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to learn more about what I have to offer, and I can assure you that you’ve made a fantastic choice.

Would you give a me just three minutes more if you knew it could triple your success with singing and songwriting?

Thanks. It’s not much, but I think you’ll appreciate taking the time once you hear what I have to say.

Over the years I’ve received alot of feedback from happy Singorama members telling of there success with singing, be it for achieving personal goals, or singing in the public arena. A common conversation I often have with people who have used the course to dramatically build their singing ability is “Where to from here? How do I start writing my own songs?”

After talking to many Singorama customers and searching only to find no quality courses on writing your own music, I go in touch with an old songwriting friend Stuart Sinclair and asked if he was interested in writing a manual specifically teaching people how to write and promote their own songs. Stuart started bubbling away and bursting with ideas right their on the phone, he couldn’t wait to get onboard and share everything he’d learned over the years….. So after months of planning and development, ‘Superior Songwriting’ was launched recently for the super-low price of just $49.95. The feedback from ‘Superior Songwriting’ customers soon backed up Stuart’s argument that the course was well underpriced at the current $49.95, so the price will be going up to a more realistic price of $99.95!

But before the price goes up, I’ve convinced Stuart to let me offer the next 200 of my loyal Singorama customers the full $49.95 ‘Superior Songwriting’ course plus all the bonus material for……

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That’s right, you have just ONE chance to get Superior Songwriting for the lowest price ever offered: Just $29.95

Believe me, Stuart is a stubborn man. It took ALOT of convincing for me to seal this deal for you. His book is packed with so much valuable information, I just felt I HAD to do what I could to allow as many Singorama members to have access to the information…… 67 people have taken advantage of the offer so far, so be one of the next 133 people to purchase through the link at the bottom of this page!

I can’t explain everything you get in the Superior Songwriting package here, so click the link below to read more about it, then close that window and come back here to take advantage of the offer we’ve arranged for you.

Read More About Superior Songwriting This is not the discount link
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Pretty amazing, isn't it? Now that you've seen everything that you could be getting right now with Superior Songwriting!, I want to sum it all up for you. You'll receive:

Superior Songwriting - Ebook and Audio Transcript

The complete guide written by Stuart Sinclair to writing, developing and successfully distributing your very own songs. Stuart not only has a talent for writing songs, this book is so well written that once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll have a clear plan to writing your first song….. you’ll be able to get started the very next day!

I will also receive:

How To Boost Your Song Writing Creativity

This ebook contains a range of extremely effective exercises and tips to help get you in a creative frame of mind for writing your best work. This book teaches you how to avoid writers block every time you sit down to write, how to flesh out your ideas, and how to give your lyrics the feeling you envisaged when you thought of them.

Now it’s up to you to make the decision. You can either take this one-time offer and add Superior Songwriting to your Singorama purchase for just $29.95, or pass it up and pay as much as $99.95 later. It’s your choice. As soon as you close this page you won’t see this offer ever again.

For some people, the Singorama package will contain all the information they’ll ever need if all they want to do is improve their singing abilities. But for others, the next challenge is to discover their own creativity and put their thoughts and feelings into song to enjoy singing by themselves, or to share with others, or even to excel in the music industry and start their adventure to the top….. Believe me, when you start writing your own songs you quickly gain a greater understanding of music….. watching something develop from just words on paper to a song that the people actually enjoy listening to, that they find themselves humming after listening to you.

I can guarantee learning how to write your own songs is something you’ll NEVER regret!

Here Is My No-Risk Guarantee To You:

I will give you the same 8-week refund policy that I give to people that pay the full price for Superior Songwriting. And, in fact, if you go through my Singorama Course and feel that the course isn’t for you, I will also refund that on the spot. You have nothing to lose. Take eight weeks to try it out – that’s 56 days to put my tips and techniques to the test. Don’t work for you? Email me, and I’ll refund every last penny!

Why am I offering this guarantee? It’s simple. Thousands of people across the world have already used our singing courses and books to dramatically improve their singing abilities and in-directly, their lives. The feedback we receive is that they’d never give them back even if we asked! That’s how good our courses are. We offer the most comprehensive learn to sing packages on the market, covering everything you could possible want to know, and that’s why I can tell you with confidence that you will love Superior Songwriting ….. or your money back!

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Melanie Alexander
Author: Singorama – The complete guide to singing like a professional