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Maximize Your Vocal Range

Get ready to gain an octave or more to your vocal range! Hit those high notes with full confidence and without strain or breaking. Our carefully developed system conditions your voice quickly and safely using professional grade techniques and advice.

Rapidly Gain Vocal Strength & Agility

Develop an effortless strength with your voice that will project a new confidence within your performances. Sing with power using only the most refined breakthrough singing methods that develop a vocal agility that lets you transition smoothly from different notes in the most precise way.

Master Perfect Pitch

The ability to train your ear and vocals for perfect pitch is one of the cornerstones of great singing. Our first class pitch perfecting software will not only hone your skills, but you will have fun doing it!

Transform Your Voice To A Professional Level!

Singorama is the most comprehensive singers resource for every level of skill, but before we go any further, here is what you DON’T need in order to see tremendous results with your voice.

You DON’T NEED Any Experience

Of course it's great if you already do - And this system will help you overcome ALL of your vocal barriers... but some of our best transformations have come from people who had previously assumed they "didn't have the gift of singing" .

You DON’T NEED To Devote Much Time To It

By following our simple step-by-step exercises and singing techniques for as little as 15 minutes a day, you can condition you voice for drastic results within a week! We are so confident, that we guaranteed it with our iron clad 60 day money back guarantee.


You DON’T NEED A Private Singing Coach

Singorama is so comprehensive and easy to follow that there is absolutely no need for a singing coach. Learn everything there is to know about singing for one low price, then learn at your own pace at what ever time suits you.

You DON’T NEED to play the guessing game anymore

With so much free information on the net, its hard to separate fact from fiction. Singorama brings you the most up-to-date and effective professional training and continues to transform thousands of voices around the world!

Our Members LOVE Singorama

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I'm Madi! I love music and I've been singing since I was a baby in the crib. I used to have a bit of trouble with my breathing and range. I was browsing online and came across Singorama and it's completely helped to improve my vocals. Thank you SO much!


I love singing... It's almost as easy as breathing... Still I realise that I need to get better at my art. Singorama has been an awesome experience. It's an amazing tool to have as it will actually make you a better singer and I highly recommend it.

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Advanced Singing Techniques For All Levels

Singorama's methodology uses advanced techniques that accelerate the development process for learners AND HIGHLY EXPERIENCED SINGERS. The whole point of this program is to eliminate the thousands of dollars needed for a vocal coach. NOTHING has been left out. So no matter where you are on your singing journey, Singorama will help you smash through barriers!

Master Your Mixed Voice

Properly developing your mixed voice is paramount to a well rounded singer. Learn the latest and most precise ways to perfect "bridged vocalization". Making that perfect smooth transition from your "head voice" to your "chest voice" - free from breaks or cracks. This agility of your voice will ensure people sit up and listen!

Overcome Performance Anxiety

Because your voice will transform like a phoenix out of the ashes, your confidence will grow incredibly strong. But that doesn't mean Singorama has left out important tips and advice for making sure stage fright is the furthermost from your mind. Worried about auditions? Singorama has that covered too - Although, you new found voice and confidence already has the problem half solved!

Develop A Beautiful Tone

Unlock that beautiful singer’s tone you have always dreamed of… learn skills and techniques that other ‘experts’ fail to deliver. With Singorama, your voice will skyrocket you to a professional standard.... faster and easier with the newest and best exercises, carefully tailored for rapid results.