Singing Lessons Online

So you want to take up vocal lessons? While you can go the traditional route, with a face-to-face singing classes…

Online singing lessons can offer a much more affordable option, with much more value per dollar than any singing instructor.


We’re not saying that face-to-face singing classes are not ideal; just that they are not ideal for all people, or for all levels of singing success. Here are a few of the reasons why singing lessons online are something anyone who wants to learn how to sing like a pro should definitely consider:

Online singing lessons are much more affordable.

Vocal coaches don’t want you to learn quickly – otherwise, how would they make a living? For a price that is lower than what some singing instructors will charge you for one session, you could choose online singing lessons. With Singorama, you get a full twenty-eight module singing course (not to mention the stack of valuable bonuses). Singorama’s singing software covers everything for a beginner and what they need to know about singing, right through to a seasoned performer wanting to smash through their vocal barriers.

Vocal training software lets you learn to sing from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t need to travel through rush hour traffic to another location to attend vocal coaching anymore. You can now learn to sing like a pro without leaving your house. This way, you can channel the time you save into more productive things, like actually working on your singing! You can wear whatever you want while taking your lessons, you can pause the lesson at any time, and you can work on your singing at whichever time is convenient for you on any particular day. Basically, what you get is a world class singing instructor who’s on-call 24/7.


Vocal lessons online that let you work at your own pace.

With Singorama, you can zoom through the lessons you find easy, and stay as long as you need on the tasks you find a bit more challenging. Because every singer is different, some singers might find some material easier and some material harder. Because you are the best judge of what you find easy and what you find difficult, the freedom to focus on exactly what you need to focus on can go a long way in transforming your singing voice into the best that it can be.

Online singing training lets you go back and review material at no extra cost.


Hire private singing lessons and you’ll get tutorial for the duration you paid for, and no more. With Singorama, you will own the entire singing course forever. If you feel the need to, you can go back and brush up on your lessons years after you purchase the course. This may come in useful if, halfway through your singing training, you suddenly become too busy to see it through the end. You can pick right up at a later date, brush up a bit on the lessons you’ve already done, or go through everything again as if it was the first time, if that’s what you feel that you need. You might have an audition coming up – you can quickly and easily revise what you need, as many times as you need. You fully own the materials, and you can repeat the lessons as many times as you want to.

They’re perfect for people who know how to sing, but just want to brush up on the fundamentals and their technique.

Many people “know” how to sing, but want to learn the proper way to tuning their vocals and ensuring their voice can be the best it can be. For these people, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on face-to-face singing tuition may not be the way to go. With Singorama, you can ignore the parts of the course that you know you’ve already mastered, and focus on the areas where you want to grow.

They offer free learning materials and exercises.

Some face-to-face singing coaches might require you to purchase materials like books and exercises separately. Not to mention needing an instrument like a piano to properly make sure you are in tune. But with the Singorama online singing course – it comes value laden with all you need to learn about how to sing, bundled with resources that will help you unlock your full potential as a singer and performer. For example, it comes with a simple piece of computer software (perfect your pitch pro) that helps train your ears to recognize the difference between different notes (the inability to do which is called being tone-deaf). Another bonus that comes with Singorama is it’s mini recording studio that you can use to record and track your progress and also has a built in virtual keyboard for playing scales to determine your range. Other bonuses resources include advanced vocal strengthening and range extensions exercises, alternative warm ups, and interval training, all this great added value, for free.


Singing e-courses offer learning that go up and beyond from face-to-face coaching .

In addition to vocal training, the complete Singorama e-course also includes vast material that will teach you other aspects of singing like writing your own songs, bad habits to avoid, different styles of singing and how to perfect them, solutions to common problems, performing within a group, dealing with performance anxiety, and getting started on a career as a professional singer to name a few.

In any case, all singers will have something to gain from taking up a complete online singing package. Beginners and inexperienced singers will appreciate the in depth tackling of the basic concepts of singing and music in general, while more advanced singers will be able to brush up on their technique and have the benefit of seeing things through a different lens.