Vocal Coach

Traditionally, if someone wanted professional assistance on singing, they would have to learn from a vocal coach.

Online singing programs are not only just AS good as lessons with a face-to-face coach; in most aspects, they’re actually better!

Online programs and e-courses hold many advantages over the traditional methods of voice coaching. Below are a few reasons why you should first the online avenue. If you’re thinking of hiring vocal lessons:


A face-to-face coach is much more expensive than taking lessons online.

A traditional singing teacher, while able to instruct you in person, may charge as much for a single session as you can expect to pay for an entire online singing course start to finish. Plus, if you are a beginner, you might not be ready to commit a large amount of money for something you aren’t sure if you really want (Singorama proudly offers a 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee). With the minimal investment required for singing lessons online, you can take your first steps into the world of performing, and make a more educated decisions later on whether or not to pursue further training with face-to-face singing teachers. If you do decide to do so, you will at least be armed with advanced training, and will be able to make much more use of your instructor’s instructions, giving you much more value for your time and money.



Vocal e-courses are better for beginners.

Beginners may not be sure about many things regarding singing coaching. Hiring a professional instructor is a significant decision, which requires you to invest time in searching for the right instructor for you, one who you are comfortable with, someone you find competent, and whose teaching style you can appreciate. With online voice lessons, the amount you need to invest is much smaller, the decision is much less scary. Many online vocal courses also offer a full money-back guarantee if you don’t see results; you’d be hard pressed to find a voice coach who offers the same.



Vocal coaching can’t be on call 24/7.

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Unless you have a ton of cash burning a hole in your pocket, it’s probably too expensive to pay a singing teacher to be available to coach you anytime it’s convenient for you. You’ll have to fix your schedule and set a time and day for your lessons. If something comes up, you can’t expect your tutor to simply be available as well the next time you are. You may have to wait until next week for your next session.

With world class vocal training software like Singorama, you can take your lessons whenever it’s convenient for you – In the car on your way to work, doing housework, or maybe the shower? You can go through two lessons a day on a day where you have a lot of free time, reschedule your lessons as you see fit, or repeat lessons as necessary.


A vocal tutor will not be around forever.

While technically you could, given deep enough pockets, employ a vocal instructor in perpetuity, an e-course is a much better option. You will own the materials from the course forever. This means you can go back to the lessons you need and revisit them any time in the future. You can repeat the course as many times as you want, brush up on your exercises and technique regularly, and do with it as you see fit.



Even advanced or professional performers can benefit from online lessons.

You might think that online courses are only for casual vocalists and beginners. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Even more advanced singers and professionals can take away a ton from a premium  course like Singorama. They can brush up on the basics or the more technical aspects of song… at their leisure. It also never hurts to look at some things from a new perspective; a cutting edge scientifically proven course can help do just that.


Vocal training software is the perfect step before starting lessons with a vocal teacher.

With personal lessons being as expensive as they are, you want to get the most value out of each lesson as possible. But some lessons, especially at the beginning part, don’t really require much instruction; just practice. Instead of paying an instructor by the hour for several hours, it might be wiser to work through the basics on your own with an e-course. This way, you can take as much time as you need (without worrying about hourly fees!) to master the basics, before moving on to a face-to-face instructor.


Face-to-face instruction can be intimidating for some people.

Not all people are ready for other people to hear their voices. In fact, some may be uncomfortable with a traditional lessons simply because they are afraid of anyone, even their teacher, hearing them sing. While this is something that you shouldn’t let get in your way, you can actually start lessons without anyone hearing you at first. With an e-course, no one has to hear you sing. You can start practicing at home, where no one can see or hear you, until you make enough progress and work up enough confidence to start taking classes under a face-to-face vocal instructor.


Of course, getting face-to-face lessons from a vocal trainer in person also has its advantages. Face-to-face voice coaches can observe your progress in real-time instantly critique your performance. They can answer your questions immediately, demonstrate technique for you, point out things that might be difficult to notice on your own. Traditional instructors do have their place in learning how to sing. After you successfully completing an online course, and deciding you want to take a step further, then by all means, do hire one! The treasure trove of information that you can harvest from an online course like Singorama will be invaluable going forward in your career, whether you decide to become a professional artist or do it just for fun – this will be the foundation of all you learn in the years to come.