2nd Singing Tips

Just what do you think after listening to artists like Frank Sinatra or Maria Carey? Most agree they are some of the most effective vocalists ever to grace the charts.…

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Warm-Up Exercises

Like an athlete, a singer is required to start with some warm-up exercises before they singing. This is especially important as it prepares the vocal muscles to prevent fatigue.One of…

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4 Important Singing Tips

4 Important Singing Tips

There’s a tendency to develop a sort of “tunnel vision” when you keep doing the same thing over and over for some time. This also applies to singing because things…

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Songwriting Tips for Beginners
A pad of paper with an acoustic guitar in the background.

Songwriting Tips for Beginners

Songwriting skills can come naturally, but we all need help from time to time – especially beginners. Below are some helpful beginner songwriting tips for those who want to start…

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Learn to Sing Tips
notes background and music recording microphone studio tools

Learn to Sing Tips

A lot of aspiring singers often search online for “learn to sing tips”, but they get overwhelmed by the abundance of information available. They get confused by the conflicting singing…

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