Tips For Singers With Pitch Problems

Can you sing “by ear”? Most vocalists experience some pitch problems at some degree, but some singers are always having problems with it… they just can’t seem to match their voice to a particular pitch.

If you want to be a great singer, you need to understand that singing ‘on pitch’ at all times – is crucial. You may think you don’t have a pitch problem… but it may be worth getting a 2nd opinion… just in case.

A lot of singer don’t realise they are singing off pitch… so if you suspect you have the same problem – there is a remedy.

Apart from using an app or a piece of software, you can use these remedies to get to the root of the problem:

Practice recognising notes.

There are some that are musically gifted and can recognise a note by simply hearing it once. But the rest of us have to hear the note a lot more times until we can start to identify the note and match it with our voices.

The best way to get familiar with the different notes on a scale is to use a guitar or keyboard (real or digital). Play through the notes, up and down while matching the sound with your voice. Pay attention to how your throat resonates as you hit each sound. Be sure to really listen to the notes… and they will become easier to remember and recognise.

This type of practice will help you stay on the right pitch even when you can’t hear yourself singing.

Out of tune instruments.

Singing with a band or playing your own instrument (that’s out of tune) can throw your voice out of pitch. You might think you are singing on the right note, but the instrument is fooling you.

Always use some sort of instrumental tuning device, as prolonged singing when you are out of tune can create some bad habits.

Not being able to hear yourself because of loud instruments can also create pitch issues. If you are a vocalist who sometimes gets disorientated by this, and it is causing off pitch singing, then find some electronic ear plug monitors for your next performance.

Solutions to the problem.

Although singing on-pitch is the cornerstone to singing, don’t panic if this is a problem for you. When you have identified the root causes of your problems, you can take measures to fix them.

Other than correcting instrumental problems, work on identifying the notes you need work on. To do this, record yourself singing different notes played by a piano (properly tuned). Play back the recording to see which notes need more practice.

After several days of practice you’ll see a vast improvement with singing on-pitch.

Pitch Software.

There are many great tools these days to help you nail your pitch to perfection. Singorama provides a great addition “perfect your pitch pro” that teaches you natural pitch recognition using a fun game that takes the boredom out of the whole process. This handy little piece of software is just a small piece to a complete vocal training system that will take your voice to a whole new level whether you are a beginner or advanced.


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